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Twilight Summer
Witch Hunter Robin claims
2nd-Mar-2006 08:29 pm - Evil Dragonfly x2! [ Icon ]
stock ♔ embalmed in phosphorus
Under this cut is an icon for black_minna...

Clicketh. 8DCollapse )
1st-Mar-2006 10:36 pm - Evil Dragonfly
What are you claiming?: Episode 20: All I Really Oughtta Know

Why do you want it?: It's my favorite episode. Every time I watch Robin fight Sastre, my heart melts.

Anything else?: I miss that WHR isn't on [AS] anymore but, I got discs 1-4 for X-mas, so now I have the whole series on DVD!
And this is the first claiming community I've joined, so I'm not totally sure what's going on, but if this is all I have to do, that works for me. (and yes, I have read the rules, several times. :-P )
27th-Feb-2006 08:19 pm - "Evil Dragonfly"
stock ♔ embalmed in phosphorus
o_o;; a Witch Hunter Robin claims community. Awesome idea. 8D

Anyway. >_>

† † †

What/who are you claiming: I'd like to claim Robin Sena, please! ^^
Why do you want it/him/her: Because, along with Amon, she is my favorite character and I think she is very cool. xD
If you already have a claim and are asking for another, please post a link here that goes to where I said you could have another claim (skip it if you are posting your first claim): //doesn't really apply to me//
Anything else?: Um... this anime rules. *nod*

Thank you.
P.S. I know it's a bit early to ask for a second claim... but just so I feel at peace, I will ask. xD If I can have a second claim, I'd also like Crispin Freeman, the voice actor for Amon. ... Again, thank you. xD''''
27th-Feb-2006 07:10 pm - Evil Dragonfly
I'm so happy there is a Witch Hunter claiming community now! Can I please claim Walled City? XD
27th-Feb-2006 02:03 pm - Evil Dragonfly
Hi. I just joined the community and I'd like to claim Michelle Ruff, the voice actress for Doujima, if that's okay? But if not, then I'd like to claim the character of Doujima.
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